What are GameCredits?

We built GameCredits for developers and gamers as a seamless, and universal method for making in-game purchases of any in-game virtual items or content, or even including access to the game itself. Considerable profits can be made from these in-game purchases, as the video game industry is a growing multi-billion dollar industry.

It is the revolutionary blockchain integrated solution for in-game monetization.

Our integrated system will allow for any game developer to build a quick solution for monetization and currency transfer within their games. Using our API, all transactions take place instantaneously using our online wallet platform.

GameCredits is a tradeable commodity on various currency markets around the world. Once gamers have their own amount of GameCredits, they may use it, or transfer it from our online wallet to anywhere, or to any other currency they prefer. The GameCredits can also be put in a virtual vault like a bank account, but earning interest with better rates.

What's a Web Wallet?

Our web wallet is a secure place where you can keep all of your GameCredits easily instead of keeping them in your private wallet and worrying about scary things like your hard disk failing or forgetting your passphrase, which would result in permanent loss of all of your money.

A simple, secure and beautiful web app where you can store, send, receive and buy GameCredits.

Your money is kept on a secure server and backed up offline and our maintenance and security teams are always up making sure noting bad happens. Just register and you'll get your personal wallet with all the private addresses you want and you can send and receive unlimited amount of GameCredits.

Web Wallet home screen screenshot

How to receive GameCredits

{% trans "Receiving GameCredits is almost instant, all you have to do is send one of your receiving addresses to the person that wants to send you money. As soon as the transaction is registered by the wallet your balance will be updated but a few minutes will pass before the transaction is confirmed by the network." %}

Click on the Receive tab, copy one of your addresses and give it to the sender.

Don't worry, this is completely safe .It is recommended to use a new address for every transaction in order to stay completely anonymous. You can monitor your transactions status in the Transactions tab.

Web Wallet home screen screenshot

How to send GameCredits

Sending GameCredits is instant, all you have to do is fill in the form on the Send tab. As soon as you confirm it the system will withdraw the sent amount from your account and send it to the recepient but a few minutes will pass before the transaction is confirmed by the network.

Click on the Send tab, enter the recepient's address and amount, confirm. Don't worry.

Don't worry, this is completely safe . The system won't let you input invalid data and we monitor for suspicious addresses. Just be careful who you send your money to.

Tip: if you click on the balance in the bottom right corner of the send form it will copy your whole balance in the amount field.

Web Wallet home screen screenshot

How to buy GameCredits

Buying GameCredits will be easy and will support multiple payment methods. Our developers are working hard to implement purchasing GAME via PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, SMS and other, we'll keep you updated on our progress!

Click on the Buy tab and check out all of the payment methods we plan to support.

The methods we are working on now are PayPal and Bitcoin, and it won't take much time, trust us.

Web Wallet home screen screenshot

Contact support

If you are having any problems of questions about the wallet please contact us using one of the addresses listed here.

Also there's a report a bug page that requires you to be logged in, and we reward users for reporting bugs. If we can recreate it and it's something we don't already know about we will reward you with an appropriate amount of GAME, depending on the severeness of the bug.

Contact support, or sign up, report bugs and earn GameCredits.

These are our mail addresses:

Web Wallet home screen screenshot