How we keep your money safe

Last Updated November 25th, 2015

Here at GameCredits ltd. we take application security very seriously. To make sure that your GameCredits stay safe in your wallet for as long as you like to keep them there and that every transaction that's made using your account is indeed made with your consent. That's why we dedicate a significant amount of our time and resources to make sure that all of our applications stay up to date with the newest security standards and practices.

Here are some of the things that keep your account safe:

  • We provide, and advise usage of, our random strong password generator. It generates memorable passwords that are combination of random common words. These passwords may look silly but are basically uncrackable. Try it out!
  • We use a cool (and open-source) password strength estimator inspired by password crackers. Through pattern matching and conservative entropy calculations, it recognizes and weighs 30k common passwords, common names and surnames according to US census data, popular English words from Wikipedia and US television and movies, and other common patterns like dates, repeats (aaa), sequences (abcd), keyboard patterns (qwertyuiop), and l33t speak.
  • We are working on a smart fraud prevention algorithm that monitors for suspicious transactions and account access.
  • We provide optional Two-factor authentication using an one-time password generator like Google Authenticator.

Online Security Essentials

As part of the Information Assurance Model, people must be educated on secure ways to maintain the confidentiality of their data online. Our Web Wallet provides users with some of the top notch security features, however the best security implementations become useless when the end user chooses to:

  • Keep their passwords on a sticky note affixed to the bottom of a monitor or keyboard.
  • Maintain passwords such as: QwertY1234, Pa$$worD or YOLO$WAG.
  • Use names or known dictionary words as part of their passwords.

With the right hacking tools these passwords can unlocked in minutes, especially when a hacker has financial motivation. But even if you use a strong password there are some other things you ought to think about.

So what can you as the end user do to maintain the integrity of your data?

Prevention strategies

If you decide to use your own password please:

  • Establish passwords that are “at least” 12 characters in length
  • Never use dictionary passwords (ie: words that you could find in a dictionary) or common phrases.
  • Refrain from using the same password on multiple sites
  • Create a password from a phrase that is easy for you to remember, such as: The Cow Went Moo! When He Flew To The Moon = tCwM!whF2tM (STOP! - Don't use this exact password on this site). Awesome password strategy!

Some other things to pay attention to:

  • Use Two-factor authentication! There's no excuse for not using it except laziness. Really, just use it.
  • Never share your login information with anyone! No matter what anyone says or promises to you never give out your username or password. A GAME Wallet admin will never ask you for your login information.
  • Never click on suspicious links, even if they come from a friend or a company you know. Never input you login information on a webpage that is not the certified Web Wallet Login page
  • Use antivirus software. It can protect your computer from malicious software such as keyloggers that can compromise your sensitive information.